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Reminder: Importance of e-mails..

Have you tried to do anything online that has not requested you to give your email address?

Without any noise and warning, the email address has become the most critical piece of information in technology, and most certainly in the online and connected platform that we call the internet and, by extension, the CLOUD.

Think about it for a moment, how many times are you prompted for your email address when you try to access anything online? You MUST always have a valid email address against which verification is carried out. FACEBOOK and other social platforms will also request you to have a valid email address for verification purposes and any further communications.

Now, imagine creating your email address, no matter what provider you choose, the amount of information you must input. Second, most information will be the mobile number. Of Course, we need another level of verification, and this will be your mobile number.

So once you register to whatever online services, applications, shops, etc., all the related details and new credentials are sent to you by email. So your mailbox becomes a crucial ‘storage’ of very critical information!

What if I tell you that now, over 85% of every cyber-attacks originates from an email attack! Yes, Emails are the most crucial part of the online world and the least protected and valued! We seldom have the terrible habit of minimizing the importance of our email and even the password protecting them. We think that the email is of no importance; it is just an address! NO! It’s the access to the wealth of data you have.

Most individuals have a minimum of two emails; One personal email address and a second professional or business email address. So we can think that both are separate. However, that same individual has smartphones, tablets, etc. For ease of use, he decides to configure both emails on his devices. Unknowingly, he is virtually connecting both. Suppose a hacker can hack the most unprotected personal mailbox. In that case, he can access the tools and all applications on the devices, all the stored data, and access the professional mail inbox.

The rest is history or newspaper headlines!

Visionary CEO @ Nettobe Group | President , Strategic Planning, Trade & Investment @ International Christian Chamber of Commerce (Mauritius)


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