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MauZoho by Nettobe

United, we stand.

It is well known, but I am not sure it is very adopted, that if we put our strengths together, we can achieve more. A team can only win consecutively if they all work together. I firmly believe that together, we can do more and reach further. It is the spirit behind Nettobe, the same essence or philosophy behind our new baby, MauZoho.

We all want to succeed in business. We all have the same general goal of growing and making more profit while also reaching further and gaining more territories, becoming more efficient, increasing our productivity, reducing our expenses, and so on. That process has many challenges: hurdles, failures, losses and stress. We try, fail, try again, succeed and go to the next level, then fall, rise, and advance again. It is the same pattern with all businesses; start-ups and entrepreneurs face the same battles. I have met the same issues years before finding the right balance and path. It is not over, but I have gained sufficient insights and experience to understand what I needed to have around me to escape these tumultuous business growths.

If I had a community of people who could have freely and actively shared how they were doing, how they were getting things done, what they were choosing the right tools, etc., this would have helped me a lot. It would have been helpful if there was a genuine business community! It would have spared me the tests and trials! And it could have saved me money and time!

What I did not have, Nettobe is bringing to you MauZoho.

MauZoho is a very focused business community built to make small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed rapidly, gain productivity, and access hands-on experience, information and data. MauZoho will give you access to other people who are where you are, who have been where you are, and who will be where you are—creating a great pool of active and sharing business people. All this is built on what we have seen as the best business application solutions available on the market —the Zoho Business suite of applications.

We could have chosen to sell the products and our services, but that would not align with our goal to create a real community. We want to see our product and solution bring success to your organizations; we want to share the knowledge, know-how and anything that can help you grow, and as you grow, you can help others succeed! 

This is Nettobe, This is MauZoho. Join us now. United, We STAND.

Visionary CEO @ Nettobe Group | President , Strategic Planning, Trade & Investment @ International Christian Chamber of Commerce (Mauritius)


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